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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find out about visa requirements?

Review your booking confirmation for visa details. You will also be provided with a link to the cruise line Visa Information site. This site is worth bookmarking to check for updates prior to embarkation. 

Other sites to visit prior to travel include: Department of Homeland Security (Click HERE) and Travel.State.Gov (Click HERE) and don't forget the CDC (Click HERE)

Will I get seasick?

These aren't your grandfathers fishing boats!  While some clients may experience some minor discomfort, this is by far the very rare occurrence. Most ships today are floating mini-cities built with state of the art engineering,  stabilizing mechanisms, and safety design, keeping guests comfortable, safe, and sometime even unaware they are actually floating on the ocean.

How do I know what trip is right for me?

The proverbial question - if we had a dollar for each time we hear this question! Actually ... this is one of our favorite questions. We love to chat about travel and thrive off helping our clients to craft a vacation that fits their style and budget. Give us a call!

Travel Tips

Why should I book with an interline agency?

At Homeport Cruises Co. we have access to the lowest cruise interline and NON interline rates in the marketplace.

Q: Do I need a passport to travel outside the USA?
A: Yes, for most travel. Always refer to the cruise line for complete details specific to your travel itinerary.

Q: Are parents eligible for interline rates?
A: Yes on most cruise line for interline (airline) employees.

Q: How much is the deposit?
A: Deposits vary by Cruise Line and promotion.

Q: What form of payment is acceptable?
A: Any major credit card including Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Q: What are the cancellation penalties?
A: You must read the cancellations & refunds policy outlined in each cruise lines confirmation when we email it to you. 

Q: Is insurance available for purchase?
A: Yes. The cost varies by cruise line as does the coverage. Ask your Homeport Cruises travel adviser when booking your cruise. Insurance will not cover delay expenses or cancellation resulting from being "bumped" off a flight on a NON REVENUE ticket.

Q: What's included in the cruise price?
A: Cruise rates are "cruise only" but include your cruise accommodations, all meals, use of shipboard facilities and entertainment. NOT INCLUDED are alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tips and shore excursions or airfare.

Q: How many formal nights are there?
A: On 7 night cruises there are 2, shorter cruises usually one. Ladies may wear an evening or business dress, gentlemen a sports jacket and tie. Use of formal evening dresses or tuxedos is optional. Most ships have Tux rentals onboard. Cruising, like business, has become casual.

Q: Do I have to pay Port Charges/Taxes?
A:  Taxes are paid in addition to the cruise fare and are quoted at time of booking. Fuel surcharges may be added depending on world oil prices and cruise line policy.

Q: How do I get from the airport to the pier for my cruise?
A:  Many cruise lines offer paid transfer options. 

Q: What verification do I need to qualify for Interline or Military Cruise Rates?
A: In most cases you will need a copy of your airline active or retired employee ID. These items will need to be emailed to Homeport Cruises at time of booking. In addition, the airline/military employee must bring their airline/military picture ID along with them on the cruise. At times an HR letter may be required. 

Q: Which cruise line is the best?
A: Everyone has their own opinion based on personal experience, a friend's recommendation or perhaps something they have read. There is no "best" cruise line. Each line's ships are unique in offering varied destinations, onboard activities, competitive pricing, ship size & age, as well as many other considerations. Homeport Cruises advisers will help you choose the cruise that fits your personal lifestyle and budget. 

Q: When should I book my cruise?
A: The best cabins, dates, destinations and rates are normally available to those booking in advance. Although we occasionally offer interline/military "sale" pricing, don't count on your cruise going on sale by waiting - you'll most likely be very disappointed.

Q: Can I bring my NON interline friends on a cruise with me at my rates?
A: Yes, if they sail in the same cabin with you, or, on some cruise lines/dates we may be able to offer them their own cabin at your interline rate. If not, we have many other rates to offer your NON interline and military friends.

Q: Do you book groups?
A: Yes, with some exceptions. Call us for details.

Q: Can you book our NON interline/military friends at rates we find on-line?
A: Yes. We offer special pricing for groups, seniors, residents of select states, last minute offers, flash promotions and non-refundable specials.

Q: When I book my cruise what information will I receive about the cruise I have chosen?
A: Homeport Cruises will send you an email confirming the booking.

Q: Can I get a free upgrade?
A: Maybe. Some cruise lines offer a cabin guarantee in place of a cabin assignment. When the cabin is finally assigned it may be in a higher category or type than the one you purchased - at no additional cost to you. This option is best for travelers who are not picky about their cabin location - because the cabin is automatically assigned by the cruise line.

Q: Why did someone pay more than me or less than me for the same sailing?
A: You will always be offered the lowest interline/military/senior/regional/group fare that you qualify for at the time of booking. If rates change after booking and cruise line policy allows them to be adjusted, we will do so. However many times lower rates are not available after booking and fees/rates greater than the savings would result if a change were made.

Q: Where can I get the best deal?
A: The same place you receive the best service: Homeport Cruises.  Travel agencies compete on service.  We'll answer the call to treat you like family (on the days where everyone is getting along!).

Q: Should I book my shore excursions in advance?
A: Yes, if you want to avoid the hassle of worrying about it once you board your ship. You can also take advantage of more unique shore excursions or lower priced options from some of our trusted third-party suppliers. 

Q: Do you charge service Fees?

A: No.  There is no cost for you to utilize our service. Cruise Lines pay Homeport a commission after you have sailed - you have nothing to lose! Cruise lines do not have the staffing to handle all their bookings; these lines rely heavily on travel agencies to support their booking process. In fact .. on average, 7 out of 10 cruise bookings are made via independent travel advisors, rather than the cruise lines direct.

Q: Do you have minimum booking amounts to become a client of Homeport?

A: Yes, $3,000 base cruise fare is our minimum. Because we don't charge fees to handle your cruise, we have to establish minimums to keep our business afloat.  



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